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Tuesday, November 5th, 2002
7:22 pm
come on down now, let's hang out now..
last time i tried updating this it froze and i lost all of what i wrote, fucking gay site...

god ive had nicks sworn enemy sweatshirt for such a long time now and i dont even listen to em. cold in here..

today i had off for *election day*- bah but sachem, bayshore, and some other schools still had to go, sucks for them, not for me. yesterday...oh right i was supposed to go out with a bunch of kids but it jus didnt work- what else is new? today im supposed to be visited after 4 i think....doubt. talked to jay on the phoen a lot yesterday, hes such a sweetie.

uhh sunday...show. local 7 opened with the swines, pff, then me and jay borrowed some guys van to drink in while they played... the skants? something like that jay made jokes about thinking they said the scamps...pff, uhm then the marvells played after a few more beers in me... they were pretyt decent, from boston i think. then the creeps came on, who i went for originally, and that was the highlight for me cos i got thrown around a lil. they covered the misfits so i ran inside from drinking to see em and then came back out after their set and drank a lil more, made jeremy drink, made jim drink...haha fun. wish joe owuldve drank i wouldve pissed myself of joy.. then uhh i dunno what happened cos i jus cant remember, feces played next if i recollect right, fun as usual, good show, nice guys, and then i went outside for a smoke but i started to not feel so good. you see- after kicking the shit out of my immune system for weeks months even, the littlest things get to me soemtimes, i hadnt slept or eaten in 3 days, which is normal, but then drining and not pacing myself and and being thrown arond and such, yeah i puked, in the street...it was ok though cos then i was fine. uhm eyes of hate played, then i think , (my order may not be chronilogical, i have a bad memory of order) and then it was all over, they covered minor threat and i forget what else. then dan drove kellie, krista, aaron and myself back tp pauls where we met up with paul and gloria, watched TV, made dinner and then i went home after watching the beginning of psycho 2 on his matress.. eh. good night, more to come like it soon i think the next one at the local 7 is the 15th, jay said itd be a crusty one, cos jeremy booked it, but jeremy's better than nick right? nick aparently fucked up one booking last night and poor jay was pissed about hving to fix it. so thats been the weekend and now im gonna go eat something cos i havent in a while...and im starting to feel a lil hungry and bored and theres no point in typing anymore, there wasnt a point in the beginning and there still isnt...

Current Mood: cynical
Thursday, October 10th, 2002
6:29 pm
beat me o e o e o!!!
hmm well a lot has happened since the last entry. ive been lazy and careless about this thing. i still kind of am..

another 2 shows, sandlot..haha what a joke. and the clap one i couldnt get into so stayed in the parking lot wet, smelly, cold, and buzzed i suppose. everyone else got drunk and i was just tired and freezing. yeah lets not talk about those shows or anyone at them.

poor amy was excited to get stuff for her face to make it better and it was a stupid guy who didnt give er a allergy test and she had an allergic reaction to it after being ecstatic for a week about it getting better. i wish i could do something for her i love her. she better be reading this cos... cos i dont know why. ANUS heh, ahh. why does it smell funny in this room?

i was visited the other day. josh, jimmy, joe, dan, and aaron came to my house, played kickball, threw acorns and made fun of jimmy for being a little fat italian who talks of such things as an old man would "all denimed up and whatnot...". and "AYE got hit in the dick with a nickel" heh. cute. kids. theyre silly.

itd be nice to wear my own clothes one day, so far ive had tims, amys, nicks, and the other nicks sweatshirts in my possesion this week. hehe im such a grubby mooch. speaking of clothing, i got three new shirts, but the astards sent me two smalls and a large instead of 3 smalls. idiots. i got (fear: more beer) (major accident: clockwork heroes) and (crass: jesus died for his own sins not mine), wore the crass one today and (gasp!) controversy!!! i dont think i spelled that right, i think theres another letter in there somewhere.

this weekend should be fun 3 days, friday- who knows. saturday- jay sunday who knows monday- vicky. and maybe aaron in there once or twice and my uncles comin over sunday inght which should becute. ahh family. if the only knew... ok im cold and it hurts my hands to type cos i can barely feel the,.. so fuck off and read something else your boring bastard.

Current Mood: cold
Saturday, September 21st, 2002
9:48 am
cure to insomnia...
where do we start, where do we start, ehh?
schools been shitty, i get periods off a lot cos the way the 3 day weekend worked out i had two labdays off in two weeks instead of one.
went to a show the 16th? yeah i think so.. well whatever date sunday was i went then- started at 5, ended somwhere around 10 and i stayed till 11 to "chill". hmm was pretty good, lot of good ones played, my favorite was funeral dress and i think many agree with me when i say that, but midnight creeps was a good runner up i do admit. the show was good, the afterplay wasnt. but its all fixed now and lije i said, the only people who will ever set eyes on this probably already know the whole story anyway so ilr efrain from reminding them and myself.
i met a lot of cool kids though, bill and matt the skins, jay the 'paryt animal' who i have seen around and talked to before, jus never knew his name, uhh aaron was a cool cat and he told me we were gonna get married, i wouldnt mind marrying aaron, uhh a-t-o-m has his whole story and i thought he was cool until yknow he lied to me and all but fuck it its not like it meant the world to me anyhow, some other kid dan, some other kids whos name i cant remember but id recognize the face, gloria, aaand sven. i love sven oh my god i like sven, from belgium, the coolest kid ive met with the coolest fucking accent. "you little punk rockers, you kids..." aww im sad that he went back to his home, but maybe ill see em again if funeral dress brings em back. anyway...
ive been in good moods lately besides the major fucking mentrual torture ive been throgh, it gets worse every time it seems i dread it...so i OD'd on advil tylenol fucking anything you got to reduce any feeling whatsoever, and it drained everything out of me, so in conclusion...the cure to insomnia: is just take a lot of pills, its probably not healthy but it made me soo sleepy... which is good cos ive been lacking it.

Current Mood: groggy
Friday, September 6th, 2002
5:35 pm
planning to order a bunch of shit online...yes very nice.

friday, relief, met all my teachers and saw who was in my classes, only being pissed about few things, ill be alright for the year but its gonna be so boring without mike everyday and ryan and danielle and will and aj and the gang. they were dumb but they humored me.

maios cool she let me late a few time already and its only been the third day, went outside a few times with ricardi like old times- only to be told that the cameras are working again after, i dunno like 7 years of malfunctioning(?) so if im caught going the way of that particular camera im fucked. and not only that but theres underdcover cops in the school, pfff what a bunch of dickweeds. pigs in my classes, christ. the school takes itself just a LEETLE too seriously, no? the only old shithead from last year ive seen lately was aj. and mike in the halls, but he hasnt said much jus hi and laughed as if i had jus seen him yesterday, jus normal. hi anus youre my only comic relief, everyone else sucks. jupo and corinne are alright. NO fuck them, neither of them came and talked to me when they were at dans so, yeah theyre back on my shit list. asses. i wonder if jupo was even there, i know corinne was..

yesterday i think tom was fucking with me online, i know hes going around looking for a girl but i think he jus wants to be laid by something with a vagina thats not COMPLETELY repulsive; i dont really think he likes me. either that or its a big huge joke on me...ha ha. cute. or maybe he does like me....im not even gonna think about that cos im too full of doubt.

excitment falls upon me for i am gonna order soo much shit online tonight, except boots and that jacket, a hoodie will last me until november, theni really need a fuckin jacket, i want one of those gas station guy jackets, hmm maybe i can get one off a website or something, where do they get them? or like those oil heating guys. hmm ok im off; im hungry and im waiting for a call.

Current Mood: complacent
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
10:31 pm
yesterday corinne tried introducing me to some kid who claims himself a "punk" who labels themselves? he knows shit about anything.

a night ago i slept nex door, later came jupo, mike, sal, tim, and dan. things were "fixed" and i saw the infamous tattoos. ha. watched se7en, wrote tom an email cos he told me to, watched interview with the vampire, went to bed in devins room at about 7 in the morning only for him to come home at eight and kick us out into caitlins where i woke up at 11:42 am to a misreading of the clock mistaking it for 1:42pm- and a blanket that mysteriously ended up on me without my acknowledgment. ey, something was blocking the first 'one', ok? shut it. woke up ate pancakes ann so kindly made for me. thats the first time someones made breakfast for me in quite some time.last night nick came over to watch the remaining half hour of 6 feet under and sex and the city and saw my disgusting condition i was in...and liked it, (chuckles).

i love the rain. rained all day today, wish i couldve enjoyed it but instead i was locked in my grandma/uncles house all fucking day/night...might i mention the last night i have before going to school. i realized i have close to nothing for school on the way home in the car smushed aginst the cold window dripping with rain watched blankly as each streetlight passed with more anticipation to get home than the last. i wont even bother asking to go out cos i know ill get that 'what-a-ridiculous-thing-to-inquiry' look. then it would be followed with my, 'but i didnt get to hang out with my friends on the last night before school' excuse, followed by the 'youre never happy, are you? youre so hard to please, at least you got out of the house, didnt you have fun with youre goddamn family?' followed by the remorse in the pit of my stomach grumbling and saying 'i told you so, i told you not to even bother asking, moron' so ill jus sit here and feel sorry for myself while my friends go out or at least have another month to wait for their day before first day of college starts. fuck.

i cant wait fucking get out of this shithole. nick will graduate ITT and leave me here to pity myself and suffocate, while i still have 2 full years ahead of this one and another couple for college or wherever i end up. boring, school, people, boring, boring, boring. i think this is hell and i wanna get out but what will have then, some freedom that ill get used to and forget to cherish like the rest of my "privileges"? leave school, college, leave college, then....get drunk and play computer games and talk to boring people. maybe ill travel, where could i get that kind of money though. i dunno jus seems so meaningless and less fun to look forward to anyway. im not gonna settle down and have a family like the whole 'american dream' speech etc., etc., jus cos im probably programmed to want such things. yesterday my mum said shed rather have me watch TV than talk to assholes on the computer all day. uhh TV is boring it sucks and its what makes people think what they want. i totally believe in that whole subliminal messages crap. and i think not really everyone wants a white picket fence with kids and a dog playing in the yard, especially people who arent ready let alone willing to take care of that kind of responsibilities. why would i wanna put another person through this torture, bring a child into this boring as hell world jus to be disappointed by the crap that happens everyday. fuck no. and "love"?? ::mocking tone:: HAHA what a fucking myth that is. crock of shit if you ask me.

i still need a jacket and boots. i know what i want but where fucking get it...

Current Mood: crappy
Saturday, August 31st, 2002
6:47 pm
joe..john. joe-john.....johnSTON.
yesterday me and amy hung out, we went to utopia and i was left pissed for the day cos i found nothing that fit me...but i liked everyting. fuck you utopia. anyway we went to the mall and quickly got bored of walking around looking for lighters and stuff like that and this guy walked passed (later we leanred "dave") and he was pretty cool and he looked familiar like maybe ive seen him at a show or something, 17, small build like a skinny guy but not lanky. he was wearing a camouflage shirt with some green "shants" (as will wolfe call em) and come fucking awesome boots, gave me some ideas about the ones imma get next. anyway amy waved at him and then he walked over told her she looked familiar and she said "no".."no?...uh ok" anyway he was a cool guy who gave me stuff, a poptart, left over sunflower seeds, and a cigarette or two. his friends were stupid, 'i-think-im-funny-but-im-not' kids, but he was cool. and he said he might catch me again somewhere at a show but prolly not anywhere else aorund here cos hes from happauge (i cant spell that) but i hope i see him again he aint like anyone else around here he wasnt as stupid. then we called nick cos i cant be without nick for more than a few hours or i die and he bought me a huge pepsi that made me ::belch:: every couple of minutes or so. anyway, plenty of people talked to us throughout the day, some guy tried selling me cigarettes for $4 a pack and i jus said nah i had no money, but he was like, are you saying that to make me walk away? i said i didnt care and his friend gave that 'oh-she-got-you' face haha made me feel all giddy inside after that. anyway later on krista and kellie were hissing at me and i found out kellie has herpes so thats her new nickname, ill be fine as pisswad she can be herpes. speaking of pisswad i was in the middle of a nice long piss at tuesdays and some woman THOUGHT i didnt know she was in there, what she didnt know was that i didnt care and i felt like talking to amy through the stall, and made the lady laugh by singing a jolly tune, PIIIIISSSSS-WAAAAAADDD and she laughed thinking i would only say that in privacy, ha fuck that i dont give a shit. anyway, laster that night me and nick talked on the phone about pretty much everything, and how people are stupid and programmed and i think he learned a little about the 'system' and realized a lot of things that ive learned over time. y'know what? everyone IS stupid, sept anus and nicky. they are my sex puppets. oh yeah i cant forget the guy selling his guitar, he asked nick for a butt and then asked if any of us wanted a guitar but i had to use all the muscles in my body to not just bust out in hysterical laughter at the guy cos when he left i jus looked at amy and nick and asked, "ever see MIB?" and we all had a good chuckle. hmm dave. hes like a good character in a book. thats how id describe him, simple, friendly, fun. anyway im hungry cos all i ate today was a few cookies from the batch my mum made last night before watching orange county.

Current Mood: satisfied
Thursday, August 29th, 2002
8:35 pm
i have to pee, but i dont want to get up
my hands are cold, so tom told me to sit on them and fart, but i think id rather jus put them in my pockets when im done typing. today was a cleaning day, cleaned out everything from my room and had convulsions from dust attacks, my room is naked now. i need some more flyers i only have two i threw out the others which i am kicking myself in the ass for. found my favorite lighter...but its running out of fluid which makes me sad. talking to jupo and tom, not doing anything tonight cos im too lazy to. i lack motivation in getting up to take a goddamn piss for christ's sake. anyway nicks going to a party tonight and i realized that i must be annoying him cos i bother him everyday to hangout or if not im on the phone with him, but he calls me a lot so- were even, i guess. last night i was at his house and we were watching revenge of the nerds and told tom on a cell phone there was a party going on and made the TV loud when the party scene came on, and then him and frank came and we watched a bunch of shit on TV that wasnt really entertaining, tom got hungry so he was gonna go to wendy's and since frank and nick were playing chess and there was nothing on TV i went with tom for the ride and he bought me a frosty, which i thought was sweet. tomorrow im going to the mall with amy. mall on friday = worst nightmare. yet i find it humorous seeing every kid in there wants to beat the living shit out of me, excellent i hope one of them starts with me. anyway i dont wanna go to the mall its jus a place to meet and eat and then im goin to utopia to look at/buy stuff. maybe ill see someone i know there, or hear about a show or something. that was last night, today and tomorrow, havent you so much fun reading this nick? amy? the only two people who read this at all?

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
11:12 am
final summation...none.
baby monitors, uhg, babies in general, uhg, watching danielle again, i fucking hate kids, but shes alright i guess, cos she cant talk and all she does is make noise and shit, but she could be worse. i like how she sees scary people and cries or jus stares, kind of like what everyone does when they see people they think are weird...only babies get away with it cos they dont know any better. dont know what respect? fuck respect.
CHRIST...why am i awake so early when i only started to doze at 4:30 in the morning, ey? i dont know what kind of disorder i have but i dont like it, its weird, its like insomnia as far as im definitely sleep deprived, i never actually get that good nights rest, i havent in weeks or maybe months, i barely dream and its only vague, i cant, CAN NOT go to sleep anytime before really early morning like 4 or 5, and then i wake up NOT REFRESHED MIGHT I ADD at 9-10 in the morning, motor skills lack, groggy or just plain sick all the time, and everything especially time is distorted. when school lets in imma be dead, seriously unless someone comes and picks me up at my stop for a cigarette and coffee im gonna be a zombie all day. i thank whoever it is who gave me photo my first period. and global so i could get it over with and then drawing/painting again and then lunch, easy flowing my first couple periods. this year is gonna suck, i miss last year too much. especially around october and november, that was my favorite. but the past is gone forever and ill never know anything like it, i can only hope for even better but a heavy weight of doubt rests on me.

Current Mood: groggy
Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
12:04 pm
my worst emotion is itchy
hmm, i have a couple of days to catch up on, yes? been hanging out with nick like everday for a week, or my sister, or vicky. went to danny "swine"s little birthday get-together, twas homosexual i tell you. nah it really was fucking dumb and i left after two hours cos i thoughti might just chew off my arm out of boredom. and i thought maybe id stop getting biched at for not hanging out, nope just more bullshit came. yknow that speech ive gotten 4 times this year 'you led me on' fuck no you led yourself on ass. seriously, can someone PLEASE tell me how one leads another on by ignoring them completely for three months with the exception of a few online chats that turned into fights anyhow? yeah thats what i thought. no some people are too fucking dense to just get the point after 3 months, thats 12 weeks, 84 days? hello, earth to joe you fucking idiot. anyway i got to see vicky that day which was cool and nick (fat) wasnt being as annoying as his usual self which surprised me, but then he took my liking away by calling me at like 12:30 the other night and hes really the last person wanna be talking to then.
funny story: me and my sister were jus catching up when she visited and she likes to go through things for some reason, i dunno, and she pulls out a magazine from a stack of papers in the garage and everything falls over like an avelanche and out on the floor falls a playboy, so she says "whos do you think it is?" its moms heather! fuckin moron, and the funny part is that it was a cheerleading cover and i jus yelled "that sick son of a bitch he has a cheerleader fetish!" (my sister was the most stereotypical cheerleader of alltime)so we hid it and the stupid thing awaits in my garage to be revealed to mother, which i will gladly lead her to when i get the chance.
other then that ive been hanging out with nick, the other day we were at his house and stupid people ruined the whole part about having an enjoyable time, sitting, smoking a cigarette, jus sitting minding my own business and in walks in brian (eh), keith (bad), and adam (shudder). thought theyd stay for 10 minutes to get what they wanted and see what they wanted and get bored and leave but no they stay for an hour and change. anyway i was supposed to leave at 6 but if i wanted to stay longer id call, i didnt call cos i didnt wanna stay around those horrible gross boring stupid fucks, and i go outside at 6 like i was supposed to they come out and then they leave, and it was too late to call to wanna stay later so i was fucked. thank you very much. fuck you.
danielle called me but i keep forgetting to call her back, theres no point in it anyhow. and tim called me but i didnt call him back either, and joe, and chris, and ian and i think that just might be it. all well. im going to get naked, and hop in the shower, literally.

Current Mood: itchy
Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
11:45 am
whats that stench?
this morning i woke up at 9:00 cos my cat was next to me licking himself and it was shaking the air matress i was sleeping on cos he already fucked up my old one by PISSING ON IT. so we cleaned it and put it back with everything on it, and last night we put him in the basement so i didnt think twice about locking my door and my stepfather absent of any logical thought ever, let him out in the morning and when i wake up i go in my room and to my unexpected surprise was left yet another soaking wet puddle of FUCKING CAT URINE SOAKED IN MY BED... this time we called the vet again cos the first time we tried that he told us to give him these pills that were like i swear to cos kitty vicodin cos he was drowsy al the time walking al funny and still peed everywhere, cant let him outside cos hes declawed and hell have no way of doing anything and hell get the shit kicked out of him, or hit by a bus or something. so were taking him to the vet today cos he keeps peeing everywhere to see if he has a 'bladder infection' as the doctor put it, which is beyond me cos if he had an infection how would it effect WHERE he pees? he picks specific places like my bed to pee on, or the same place in the dining room until we had to put litter boxes everywhere that stupid son of a bitch. mum tried not to cry when she contemplated out loud putting him to sleep and even perhaps getting another cat mabe a female who wouldnt mark its fucking territory in my room, but it didnt work, she cried a little.. on the other hand i could give a damn it was MY bed that i sleep in and i wanna smell it and smell OF it everytime i use it? i think not. plus i lost liking to the cat when it became a raging asshole anyway, kittens are cute but hes just so boring never does anything to be playful anymore or anything he jus sleeps, ocasionally hell do something funny but its definitely not worth it. bastard.

Current Mood: pissed off
Monday, August 19th, 2002
6:30 pm
put it in the butt-
(plays 'you are an idiot' graphic) ah, love it. anyway i havent been in this room all day yet ive been signed online for hours on end... all well. going to nicks in a half hour i suppose i wanna see his 'new' room redone. but i think we arent gonna stay there. show yesterday- the local 7- the doxies the skum? the clap endangered feces blah blah the usual and i believe urban riot and the midnight creeps. yeah... stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, ey? all well. i need some nicotine in my body(!) meh got some stuff be needin' to be done before goddamn school. new book- yay, MAYBE this one wont be stolen...(American Skin: Don De Grazia) damnit i forgot i had to pay back for it too...shite. anyway i have 20 more minutes to bullshit here so lets see, our deck furniture chair broke cos poor ray is a fat fat man...who sat down too fast. whoops. id like to state the fun/humor i had last night but the damage will be traced back to me and im just not in the mood for peoples bitching lately so ill keep it to myself and amongst the others. 18 minutes left let's see--- someone buy me a dogpile gustapo and a pair of new docs or even chucks and i swear on a stack of bibles ill pay you back (did i have anyone goin for a minute? ah jesus, what a good guy haha) [thinks: need to be drunk.. need to be drunk right now, right now beer.. anything] hmm ok well i still have 14 minutes and there's still nothing to write in the EMO JOURNAL: *nick*+*online journal*=dork*/*EMO*

ahhh wanna go back to school, i dont think i have quite realized to the full effect that it wont be what i remember. everything i somewhat miss about school wont greet me when i go back but new shit to deal with and less fun will definitely be with the presence of me at that stupid shithole. fuck school, fuck centereach high school, and better off, fuck all the people in it. fuck ms abrams and her stupid god damn dress code and set of standard-fucking-rules, fuck ms picone and the stick thats been jammed up her ass causing the cunt licking motherfucer to be on such a raging power trip, and cosentino that stupid old motherfucking dyke who i would love to witness die in a horrible slow excrutiating death, visconti's cool. fuck the monitors and fuck that fat ass math teacher whatshisface for giving me all day detention with danyell where i was forced to read her 5 front-to-back page story of her telltale love affair with her and "atom" big fucking deal danyell get over it you loved him and he used you for 'abumbaburgers' and sex you asswipe. fuck everyone at that place, fuck em all...........9 minutes...8, im stalling while watching the IM acceptance pop-ups for porn advertisements and cyber seeking pals collect on my small screen i so blindy stare at with teary irritated eyes. god damn the computer screen and tv screen and reading and everything else that makes my god damn eyes swell up. fuck. long enough entry filled with my favorite things> beer-cigarettes-anger-and sex. 'drink, fight, and fuck' as some band chants, ill get back to you on which it was i believe it was prolly LCB =theyve grown to be one of my very favorites. alright.

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
4:10 pm
$17.00 Later
"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!" she screams at the computer monitor grasping it by the sides while preparing to haul it out the window. i jus got booted so i lost eveything i was writing in this entry. i cant wait until i get either xp or linux cos this shit is driving me insane. even though my mood says relaxed (thats what i was before my pc decided to freeze and give me a stroke)...anyway- jus got home about a half hour ago. tim called me this morning but i couldnt hang out because i thought i had to babysit for more then i had to and i was only there for 2 and a half hours. we watched 101 dalmatians and one kid fell asleep, the other exclaimed "cruella deville reminds me of my mom, and me and andrew are horace and jasper" yeah he cant talk right so coming out of a lil kid sounded funny. i never knew the kids mom was a criminally insane greedy psycho suffering from anorexia, but hey we all have our little secrets. kids..haha i thought i had some family issues. anyway i got paid so it was good and two other jobs as well one for tomorrow from 7:30-9:45pm if i recollect right, and then again next thursday at "sixish" so well see. soon as i get a job i wont have to babysit snotty kids as much and ill have even more money for who knows what cos i never buy anything. i wonder what nicks doing, i think ill call him, and if not- ryan. i dont wanna hang out with tim right now he pissed me off earlier and vickys always busy i jus stopped calling her. whatever i do i must keep myself occupied/busy cos if i dont ill be outrageously pissed cos i sit here melting in my chair im also as well missing tool in radio city with skinny puppys drummer.....but i heard that the guy died like years ago who knows (?) anyway ill prolly write in this later and if not who cares cos i didnt give the address to anyone else to read cos journals are emo-nicks turning emo...what am i talking about? nick was ALWAYS emo..

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, August 12th, 2002
11:46 am
been busy the past couple days. went to a small show, visited the day of nothing with tim, went to nicks, watched the best movie in the world, got my neighbor a birthday present, went to ians and hung out before he went on vacation, went to a beach/picnic, and today i have no idea what im doing, well see where the day takes me. theres so much i wanna do within the next few weeks- which is good cos itll keep me occupied. anyone in centereach high school heres my schedule:
1-intro photo: maio (sem1)
1-health: salanis (sem2)
2-global: galfano
3-draw/paint: franck
5-E SC: chambers (b day)
5-gym (a day)
6-E SC: chambers
7-english: bock
8-math: melfi
9-spanish: beary
in any of my classes? let me know... im a lil relieved i have some good ones i heard and three of which i already know. today imma keep trying to call nick and see if he wants to hang out, if he does-good. if not, ill have 3 other things on my mind to do before giving up and jus sleeping, even though i cant sleep..ever.

Current Mood: drained
11:37 am
just a test..

Current Mood: productive
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